Parallel Coordinates

Parallel coordinates display of multi-dimensional data.

input dataset
list of attributes
Selected Data
instances selected from the plot
Annotated Data
data with an additional column showing whether a point is selected
list of attributes

The Parallel Coordinates widget shows high-dimensional data in a plot. The widget will display the first 9 attributes and color them by class, if class is present. The widget also enables plot optimization and subset selection.

  1. Color lines (instances) by an attribute. Colored by class by default.
  2. Select the dimensions you wish to display. Click Optimizie Selected Dimensions to optimize the plot.
  3. Click Apply to commit the changes. To communicate changes automatically tick Apply Automatically.
  4. Access help, save image and produce a report.

To select a subset from the plot, hover over the dimension until you see the cursor change to a + and drag the selection across the dimension. Selected data instances will be on the output of the widget. You can select several subsets of dimensions - only those data instances that match the all the criteria will be on the output. To remove the selection, click on the dimension outside of the selected range.


Parallel Coordinates can display multi-dimensional data, hence we will use heart-disease data set. We load it with the File widget and send it to Parallel Coordinates. We optimized the projection and selected patients who have left vent hypertrophy and a cholesterol level between 200 and 300. Finally, we sent the selected patients to Data Table for observation.